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Ear Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Hearing Aids Cost?

The price of hearing aids at most providers is RIDICULUS! They want to charge from $3,500 to $8,000 for the pair of hearing aids. :(
We find that our prices are half the retail charges of most places!  In fact, we have saved our customers over $1,000,000 !!
You can buy a bluetooth rechargeable hearing aid pair for $1,800!  The premium hearing aids with all the bells and whistles goes for $4,200.

What is the return policy?

Each sale of hearing aids comes with a 30 Money Back Guarantee!

Some Third party hearing aids come with a 45 or 60 day Return policy.

Can you repair old hearing aids?

Yes!  ANY hearing aid can be repaired!

Do not let anyone tell you,

"Oh, its 5 years old, it can't be fixed"

Yes it CAN!

We had one customer come in with a 12 year old custom in the ear hearing aid that was stepped on.

"Did you like the hearing aid before it was broke?" we asked.

"Sure" was his answer.

The Cost? $230 !!

No need to spend thousands replacing something that works!

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